project update: backyard

The last two weeks we've been working on the house, I've been studying for finals, and in-between it all I've been trying to find time to pack for our move next week. But... I finally have a little progress to share! Awhile ago I shared before photos of our backyard, and after three weeks and a lot of help from my sweet in-laws it looked like this!
When we purchased the house, the only spot of grass back here was completely dead, and the flowerbeds were full of weeds, rocks, old mulch, piles of leaves, and overgrown plants.
This was what the two flowerbeds closets to our house looked like (after I pulled out an overgrown bush). I spent a week pulling weeds, picking out these rocks, and moving them to the new flowerbed by the fence.
Here they are all cleaned out with newly planted flowers.
Once they fill in it will be so bright and cheery. We still have a lot of projects to complete back here, but I'm so happy to finally have our yard cleaned up and ready for us to use all summer long. 

This week I'll also be sharing progress on our laundry room, kitchen, and bath remodel, so stay tuned!

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