project update: guest bathroom progress

I finally have a bit of progress to share in our bathroom - we finished tiling our shower over the long weekend!  We're waiting for our new window to arrive before we tile around this area, and they cut out the concrete to remove our old tub, so we can't tile the rest of our floor until they come in and fix this. We still have a bit to go, but I think I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In case you don't remember what our bathroom used to look like, check out the before photos here.
 I'm obsessed with our newly skim-coated walls, but I'm not too happy that for some reason they removed our protective floor covering and got joint compound globs all over our new floors and in our brand new grout. The plumber also managed to break several tiles and the other subcontractors scratched a ton of others while sliding the vanity back and forth. We put protective feet on the bottom of the vanity to prevent this, but they somehow took those off, too! I'm really upset about the whole thing, but my contractor has promised us that he'll go in and get it fixed for us once the work is finished. Throughout this whole process I've found it so frustrating that people don't seem to be treating our things very nicely. We've already had to get a brand new door replaced after they took a chunk off of a steel door. I'm not even quite sure how that's possible, but they were definitely able to do it. We've also had several holes put in our walls and our new sliding glass door got scratched up. I'm definitely ready for this process to be over and for our house to be clean again!

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