project: kitchen

Another mini-update for this week - our kitchen! There wasn't anything particularly wrong with the kitchen when we purchased the house other than a few issues with lighting and the finishes weren't really our style. We're saving up for a total kitchen redo later down the road, so for now we have just made a few changes to make it more "us".

Here is a before shot:
Here it is in progress:
We've updated the lighting with new pendants and recessed LED's. The old lighting was so oddly placed and dim, I'm not quite sure how no one managed to change it in over 40 years! We've also upgraded all of our appliances to stainless steel (wall oven is being installed soon), and modified the cabinets for a new range hood. The cabinets were sanded down and painted Stonington Gray by Benjamin Moore and we replaced the backsplash with subway tiles in a herringbone pattern. 
I still hate that floor, but you don't notice it as much now that everything isn't all beige. We still need to finish tiling the backsplash, install our new island (you can see the layout of this taped on the floor), finish sanding and painting all of the doors and drawers, paint the walls, trim and ceiling white, and update cabinet hardware
Just in case you're wondering, our living and dining room are still a complete disaster! I'll be sharing the progress on these areas just as soon as I can get in there. We're now on week two of not having a laundry room, and I think I'm about to have to break down and visit a laundromat soon... say it isn't so!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog. We are gutting and renovating a home in Georgia and I feel your pain about the clutter. We are redoing our cabinets and I wanted to ask if you did them yourself or had them done. I have met with some faux finishers but I am not crazy about it. But, I am worried about painting them myself. I want them white. Any advice?

    1. Hi Jessie! Yes, the clutter and dust are the worst! We were trying to save money, so I sanded them myself using an orbital sander. It took me about a day to do the cabinets, and another day to do the drawers and doors. After that it took another day to put on one coat of primer and 2-3 coats of paint. I used a foam roller made specifically for cabinets and doors to prevent brush marks and I think they look great. If you see any spots that have dripped or aren't perfectly smooth, just lightly sand with a fine sand paper between coats. The sanding is definitely the worst part, but after that I thought it was kind of fun. Good luck on your renovation!


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