project: easy front door makeover

Hello! Sorry for the radio silence as of late. It's been a combination of having a bunch of half finished projects that aren't ready to photograph, and being too busy to upload and edit pics of the ones that have been completed. I think I'm finally out of my funk, so today I'm going to share our super easy and affordable front door makeover! 

Our contractor put on our new door before I had time to take before photos, but when we purchased the house our entry door was a standard wooden door with a beveled glass panel similar to thisThere was nothing wrong with the original door, it just didn't fit the aesthetic that I wanted for the house, so we replaced it with a steel craftsman style door
I debated for a long time on whether or not I wanted a door with a window, but ultimately decided I'd rather have the privacy. To make up for the lost light in the entryway, Charlie and I installed (ourselves!) a new storm door and love it. 
It had been hanging unpainted and damaged for three months (the installers put a big dent in it when they installed it, and it took this long for our contractor to fix it!) so we were anxious to give it a makeover. We chose to paint it Night Fall by Benjamin Moore to match our newly painted beams, and we replaced the hardware with this modern lockset by Schlage and these house numbers from Home Depot.
Our new house numbers were the easiest and cheapest part of the makeover, and I think they're my favorite change. Instead of putting a bunch of holes in our new door (and spending a lot of time worrying about everything being perfectly centered and leveled) I just attached two strong magnets to the back of each with Gorilla Glue, and used the magnets to attach the numbers to the door! It took me only a few minutes and completely transformed our door to the modern look I was going for!

We still have to finish painting, and I'm waiting for my new console and light fixture to arrive before I share final photos of the entryway. Stay tuned!

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