project: bedroom makeover

I updated on changing our bedroom carpet back in May, and exactly zero has changed since then (with the exception of purchasing this chair). I tend to abandon designing our master bedroom until the very end because it's the least visited room when we have guests, but I'm tired of living in a mismatched mess, so it's been moved up on my priority list. Here are my current plans for the space:
Here you can see my serious paint indecision. I originally planned to paint it BM Stonington Gray like our living room, but once I got it up on a couple of walls I realized it was going to show way too purple. Then, I went a bit lighter with BM Wickham and it felt too blue, so I totally changed directions and tried BM Athena. After I realized this was too beige I was bummed out, and went back to my inspiration images to realize I needed to paint it white. I've been wanting to paint our bedroom white for years, so BM Decorator's White it is! The ceiling and trim will be BM Super White.
This bright blue pocket door hurts my eyes every time I look at it. Not only is it so very wrong for the space, it was installed wrong so there is a 1-inch gap at the top. The glass also makes light flood the room when you get up in the middle of the night guaranteeing that you'll wake up whoever is sleeping, so it's an all around bad design decision... and precisely why most people should to consult with a designer before making changes to their homes!
No, our walls aren't dirty, that's just the awful shade of glossy "white" they decided to paint everything. It's just so... blah and just changing this will totally change the feel of the room. We're also changing out these bi-fold closet doors to double doors similar to this.
Here is a bit of my design inspiration:

While there is a lot to do, it's mostly quick fixes so I'm hoping it won't take me too long (famous last words). I'll keep you posted on my progress via instagram and share a full reveal on here as soon as it's finished!


on my radar: chartreuse

I've been having a serious color crush on chartreuse. 
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I think it looks particularly fabulous when paired with coral, mint, sorbet or slate.
I have plans to add a little chartreuse addition to our new sitting area. Stay tuned for my design inspiration!

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