diy fluffy ribbon for packages

As promised, here is a ribbon tutorial for the Christmas packages you wrapped yesterday!
 1 | Start by folding in half a piece of ribbon slightly larger than you want your bow.
 2| Fold ribbon around to other side, and continue until you have done at least four folds (two on each side).
3|  Once you've wrapped the ribbon around at least four times (more for a fuller bow), cut the ribbon.
4| Staple the center of the ribbon to hold in place.
 5 | Cut a piece of ribbon to fit around your package.
6 | Staple ribbon at top and bottom to hold in place.
 7 | Place your folded ribbon perpendicular the ribbon you placed on the package and staple once to hold in place.
 8 | Cut another piece of ribbon to wrap around your bow. This will hide the staples you have used
 9 | Pull ribbon taut. This will also rotate your bow around to the correct spot on your package.
 10 | Cut the ends of your ribbon to the same length.
 11 | Fluff up your pretty bow!
This method works best with wire ribbon so you can get a big, full bow. What I like most is that it takes very little time, and by using the stapler to hold it in place instead of your fingers, you don't have to ask anyone for help while tying! 

If you need to see the tutorial in action, or tips on how to wrap a package, don't forget to check yesterday's post. Let me know how this works for you, and I'd love to see pictures of those pretty packages you've made!

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