how to quickly wrap a pretty package

If you still have wrapping to do, you're in luck because I've put together a simple tutorial on how to quickly wrap your gifts! I have recently created a YouTube channel that I plan to start using to create tutorials on styling and other DIY projects that I will be blogging about in the new year, so to start it off, I experimented with a tutorial for you to see the steps listed below in action!

1 | Start by folding one side, ensuring there is enough left on the other side to completely cover the back side with about 1 inch overhang.
2 | Fold over other side, creasing at overhang. This creates the seam on the edge and not in the middle of the package!
3 | Pull taut and tape seam along the edge.
4 | Turn package to one side. Fold over left side pulling taut, and tape. 
5 | Fold and tape down excess paper at corner.
 6 | Pull other side taut, crease, and tape.
 7 | Crease corners of one side to make them crisp.
 8 | Fold flap and tape. 
 9 | Make corners crisp on other side.
10 | Fold under edges of flap to make even and crisp, tape.
11 | Repeat same steps for folds on opposite side.
12 | crease edges with index finger and thumb to make crisp.
13 | Put a bow on it!
 This sparkly bow takes less that a minute to make, and I'll have a tutorial coming tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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