project: guest bath remodel reveal

I can't believe I'm finally saying this, but our bathroom remodel that we started nearly one year ago is finished! This has been such a long road for us and more work and frustration than either of us could imagined (thanks to a horrible contractor), but we're so happy with it now. After months of realizing our contractor wasn't going to follow through with fixing his mistakes, we ended up taking on completing everything ourselves. We've had it about 90% complete for a few months, but we were so tired of it that we took a break and left the details unfinished. We finally got around to the finishing touches and I can now share the reveal with you!
We added a second sink, put in a new vanity with a marble countertop, added a second light fixture, centered them above the sinks, and put in new faucets and pivoting mirrors.
We knocked out the unnecessary soffit to open up the ceiling, put in a vent, raised the shower head to the correct height and put in a new window.
We also changed out the bathtub for something deeper and more modern.
We updated the plumbing fixtures to a more modern one handle valve and added in a chrome shower basket for shower storage.
The old texture was awful, so we had the walls skim coated (which I later redid because they were so poorly finished) and it has totally changed the look of the bathroom! We also changed out the door and lever, as well as all the outlets and switches.
So much work, but so worth it in the end. While we were doing this we both said that we'd never do it again and planned to completely hire out the work on our master bath remodel, but now we're both ready to tackle the master and we plan to do it all ourselves... Stayed tuned for more details!


  1. Your guest bathroom looks much brighter, cleaner and more inviting. A great place for visitors!

  2. How long is your tub? We plan to redo our very small master bath, and I'd love to put shelves on one side of the shower like yours but I'm not sure I'd want to cut down on shower space. Our total width is only 58".


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