Wedding Shoes!

Every girl needs a fabulous pair of shoes on her wedding day. Today I was at Nordstrom and bought these Steve Madden glitter flats to wear during the reception.
While these are cute, they aren't wedding day fabulous. What I want for the ceremony is this pair of Christian Louboutin pumps that I fell in love with awhile ago to match the flats above.

Unfortunately they are a couple of seasons old, so the only way I'll be getting them is through eBay. I'm hoping he'll come out with something similar between now and our wedding. What better day to wear blinged out heels than on your wedding day, right?


Tobias Makes His Movie Debut

Here's what we do to keep ourselves entertained on a Saturday morning. We only made it through 19 seconds before we were laughing so hard we had to stop. Poor Tobias Funke!

And if you haven't seen keyboard cat, I suggest you watch it. It makes the video above make a lot more sense!


Moving Some Things Around

I'm waiting to buy things that I love, so I'm currently making do with our Ikea filled apartment, but it's starting to bug me that our house isn't the way I want it. To change things up I've been moving our things around until I find what I like best.

Here's what I did to our book shelf in the living room: 
I still don't like the picture on the wall (it is something that I had in college), but I like it much better than what we had before:
I thought it looked much better in our kitchen, and while I was at it I took away some of the clutter on our counters.

This is the part of our living room that is complete (for now).
There are a couple of piece that I would like to add to our room that I think would help complete the look. I think it feels a little bare right now. I love this mirrored side table table and this headboard that are currently at Target.
On another note, I was watching the Martha Stewart show today and I learned something so simple! I had never really known how to display towels on towel racks in the bathroom, and it always bothered me that I could never make it look right. Well, today Martha had my answer and all along I had just been skipping one folding step!

Before I knew how to fold towels:

Meet Tobias

We adopted a dog from an animal shelter this past week. He had a rough week with losing his family, being in a shelter, getting neutered, getting sick with kennel cough, and then driving to Norman with us for the weekend, but he's much better now and has a TON of energy!
At our shelter meet and greet
The day we brought him home after surgery

It took us awhile to finally decide on his name. We would come up with something, call him by it for a day or so, and then decide it didn't fit him. One of Charlie's friends suggested the name Tobias to us, as in Tobias Funke from the show Arrested Development, and it has been his name ever since!

Tobias Funke and Tobias Graves