DIY burlap tablecloth

After searching and searching for the right kind of tablecloth for our cake table, buffet table, etc. I've decided to make my own. It's quite ambitious, but with all the wonderful help I have around me, I should be able to knock out the 8 that I need in a weekend.
Isn't it great? A local rental company wanted to charge $55 to use something similar for 4 hours (!!!!!), and this one from Etsy costs an outrageous $320! No thanks. We've calculated that it'll only cost around $30 to make each one, and then I plan on selling them afterwards, so hopefully it should end up costing very little after I'm done!

I'll definitely be sure to post pictures of my endeavor. Wish me luck!


pocket sandwich theatre

We've started making Thursday our "date night." We live in an amazing city that has so much to offer, so we've decided to take turns surprising each other with fun new things to do. Our only rule is that it can't cost more than $25/person. This week was my turn and I chose Pocket Sandwich Theatre. It's only $10 and completely worth it. They put on incredibly corny, but very funny plays while you have dinner and drinks. The best part is that you get a container of popcorn to throw. You can throw it at the actors, your waiter, the people around you, or at each other (which is where most of ours went). 

We saw "O Brother, Werewolf Art Thou?" We didn't expect much, but we laughed the whole time.

We didn't get any pictures of the performance, but here's one from their website:

I already have a great idea for my next turn to plan :)

anthropologie wedding

I had read that Anthropologie was getting into the wedding business sometime this year, and I just got the e-mail today that they will be revealing their collection February 14th. I can't wait!!

Here are some sneak peeks that I found on their website.
I have a feeling I'm going to want to re-do all of my bridesmaids dresses, ha.

I haven't ordered my shoes yet, so I'll be waiting to see if they have anything I like better, and maybe a dress for the rehearsal :)



I don't spend money on apps, ever. I was however getting jealous seeing everyone's way cool hipstamatic pictures, and almost broke down and bought it this weekend. Luckily, in my search of a freebie I found the instagram app. It's like hipstamatic and facebook combined. You take the pictures, choose your lens, and then they post to a "feed" where you can see your pictures and all of your friend's pictures. The best part is, it's FREE!

We went back to Norman this weekend, and here are some pictures that I took with this app!

Waiting for our table at Yamato
My delicious avacado roll
 Our chef
 The only person at the table that caught a shrimp!
Re-living our college days at the mont
 Mr. Funke


photo booth

After getting the save-the-dates accomplished yesterday, I felt a whole new burst of energy in making one of my many DIY projects for the wedding. Today I've focused mainly on our photo booth. Renting a photo booth is ridiculously expensive, and I'm not willing to pay it. Charlie is incredibly crafty when it comes to making things, so he was excited when I asked him to build our photo booth!
Here is what I'm going for:
This shower curtain (which is conveniently in our wedding colors) from Urban Outfitters will be our backdrop.
Props from Etsy
Photo booth instructions that I designed today:
I'll be making little business cards that will have instructions on how our guests can get their photos.


happier ending

After a day of finding absolutely nothing I liked for save-the-dates, I called Charlie while he was at work and had a mini breakdown. I was so annoyed that something so silly was causing me so much stress. After a little reassuring and a trip down to Paper-Source after he got off work, we have a solution:
Totally DIY, and better than what we had settled on in the first place. We used this luxe frost paper, which was conveniently on clearance, and these and these in blossom. I found the calendar on Wedding Chicks for free, and used tiny heart-shaped brads from Michael's. They'll go in the mail next week!
Afterwards, we celebrated with a fried food coma.
A much happier ending.


wedding schmedding

We received our save-the-dates yesterday. I was so excited to get them, but when I opened the box I took one look at them and then threw them back in. They looked like a 5 year old child printed them and then cut them out. They were horribly off-center, cut crooked, and somehow the text was pixelated. A piece of advice, stay far, far away from Vista Print for anything important!

Now I'm officially one month late getting them sent out, and out about $60 on top of the ridiculous amount I'm about to have to pay an overpriced wedding company. Boo. I can't wait for this to be over with. 

I also finally finished the incredibly tedious process of making the guest list. It seemed like it would be pretty easy when I started, but when you have six people who all want to invite their friends, and you start adding +1 to each, it quickly started to get out of control. We've spent the last two months painstakingly editing it trying to figure out who wouldn't be coming so we could squeeze in one more person. Anyway, it's finally finished. Now we have to deal with figuring out which 100 out of the 250 we'll be inviting to our small ceremony...

Another piece of advice. Elope.

The end.



While looking for something to put up on our incredibly bare walls, I found 20x200.com. It sells limited edition art for as low as $20! I really love these maps.
Map of NYC by Aaron Straup Cope 


more wedding...

After many more hours, we have finally decided on our save the date, and had them printed. They should be arriving in the next week or so!

This was the final design:
I'm going to order these baby envelopes from Paper Source in either blossom or paper bag. They're going to be attached to the back of the STD and hold our little magnet.

Here's a sneak peak at what we've chosen for our wedding invites:

This chocolate color, along with a light pink version, will be used on our invitations and programs and throughout our reception. We have ordered pocket folds in a chocolate brown color, and the invitation will be on a cream paper with a light pink mat for the border. 

Charlie is going to draw a map to use for one of the pocket inserts, along with these RSVP cards:
I can't wait to see how the final product turns out!

I also think I've decided on my shoes! The winners are...

So relieved to finally be getting wedding things DONE!


save the date

This is my last day of vacation, so I've spent the majority of my morning trying to figure out what we are doing for our save the dates. I thought I had found what I wanted a few different times, but I keep changing my mind. This morning I've been downloading different fonts and trying to design my own by combining the things I liked from my previous two decisions. I need to come up with something fast, though, because they have to go out by the end of this month.

This was my first decision (colors were going to be changed to pink and brown):
From HelloLucky.com

My second decision:
From weddingchicks.com

I actually had this one printed, but I think it just came out too light, and didn't look very good. 

Here's what I came up with this morning. Surprisingly, this took hours of changing fonts and colors trying to make it look right (and I'm still not 100% sure it does).
These will be the small magnets that we're including with each one:
Now all I have to do is find the paper and a place to get them printed!

Somehow I stumbled upon Z Gallerie in my internet searches this morning, and of course I found something I had to have.
I think I'm going to use the larger one as a side table in our living room, and then stack the two smaller ones to use as a bedside table in our guest bedroom. And the best part is, they are on sale for $100 off. 
I may also pick up these babies.