moving time

Now that I've officially graduated with my interior design degree (woo hoo!) I'm going to be switching over fully to my website: stacygravesinteriors.com. I have imported this blog there, but I plan to only stick to posts relevant to the interior design side of things.

In effort to consolidate, I've also put the option to purchase my prints directly from my new website, rather than having to go to Etsy. They'll still be available on Etsy as well, but I like the idea of having everything in one space. I also have a new product that I'll be launching soon, which I'll be announcing on Instagram and Twitter.

I hope you'll continue join me over at Stacy Graves Interiors (where I'm still making lots of improvements!). I'll be posting next week about all of my recent e-designs and Quick Design Fixes, as well as our master bath remodel that we intend to start in the next month or so! You can also always catch these project updates on instagram, where I regularly post peeks into my projects and the world of Dallas design!